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Our mission is to provide customized solutions to strengthen your organization’s online presence and increase engagement.


Zoi Video Streaming Platform

A new and competitive video streaming platform that exceeds the capabilities and performance of other streaming platforms.  Fast, Ad-Free, Low Cost.


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Video Production

ZMG offers professional-level assistance with filming, editing, and producing video content to highlight your business.

Digital Ads Management

Expand your market reach to specific demographics using our advanced digital marketing tools such as SEO, PPC, Google Ads and more.

Website Development, Hosting, Security and Administration

If you are a new business or are ready for a complete overhaul of your existing website, let ZMG design, develop and host your new website.

Payment Gateway Integration

We offer several options for collecting credit card and cryptocurrency payments.

Other Custom Functions

ZMG can create custom software solutions and applications to meet your needs.